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Issue #2, Dec. 2020
 Survey: Top 10 M&A deals
    During a most challenging and unusual year, 2020, companies in the agribusiness industry did not stop their activity related to M&A deals. Companies with a keen business sense are always aware of potential acquisition targets that may be helpful to their business development and long-term growth.
     We listed twenty M&A cases that concerned AgroPages readers the most in 2020. In this survey, you are invited to select the M&A deal or deals that, in your opinion, had a significant impact to the industry, and please explain the reasons. The results of the survey will be published later, and your points of view may be included in the article.

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Christina Xie
Brazil: Ten agrochemical companies win 16th ‘Best Agribusiness Award’

The award, which is held annually by Revista Globo Rural and Editora Globo, chooses ten agrochemical companies that stood out according to criteria established by the largest agribusiness communication company in Brazil......More>>

 Most Read
Argentina: Group of 90 Argentine organizations proposes new law on agrochemical application
The Network of Good Agricultural Practices (BPA) announced that it is preparing a new bill to order, regulate and control the use of pesticides in Argentina. It is a group with more than 90 Argentinian public and private institutions as members......More>>
Top 10 Interviews of 2020: Think Deeper and Go Further
This year, AgroPages talked with more thought leaders and had the chance to know more outstanding companies and get a better understanding of the agribusiness industry from various perspectives.......More>>
Mexico proposes phasing out Roundup pesticide by 2024
Mexico’s Agriculture Department has proposed rules for phasing out the use of glyphosate, the active ingredient in weed killer Roundup, by early 2024. The rules were praised by environmentalists and organic producers who have complained of pesticide contamination, but drew criticism from many farmers......More>>
Nicaragua imports more agrochemicals, which is a positive sign
Despite the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the Nicaraguan economy, the importation of agri-inputs increased from last year, according to figures from the Central Bank of Nicaragua, which shows a rise in both volume and value of products used in the field, coinciding with the agricultural growth maintained to September this year........More>>
China's glufosinate, glyphosate prices hit new high, vendors refraining from taking orders due to shortage of stocks
The winter herbicide market is at present experiencing purchases for replenishment as the prices of glyphosate and glufosinate in the Chinese market have reached a new high in the year, with glyphosate increasing 32.86% and glufosinate by 54.55%......More>>
2021 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide
Market news
Bioinsecticide shows 85% efficiency in control of corn leafhopper
Embrapa develops insecticide based on Piper aduncum L.
74% of Argentine agrochemicals invest in biologicals
2.3% of Brazil's Soybeans are Conventional Soybeans
Brazil to expand registration of biological pesticides
Locusts attacking Brazil are different from those in Argentina
Brazil: 62 priority products for cotton cultivation approved
Senasa, Casafe launch guide for controlling locusts with agrochemicals in Argentina
Company news
UPL launches FlyUP project
Sumitomo launches Abaday for caterpillar control in Brazil
BASF launches Priaxor in Argentina
Korin Brasil invests R$2 million in production of bio-inputs
PGG Wrightson Seeds to distribute MBI's Pro Farm UBP Seed Treatment in Uruguay
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