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Latin America Focus


Issue 2#, Jan. 2021
CHD′S - GROWING RESULTS: With new investments in applied technology to agriculture, CHD’s has stood out among the large companies in the agribusiness market in Brazil, generating high productivity and profitability to producers.....Watch the video

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Christina Xie
 Most Read
The Power of Concepts Stores in the Crop Inputs Distribution in Brazil: Facts & Opportunities
By Renato Seraphim
In the not-so-distant past, Brazil had more than 5000 sales points of for the distribution of crop inputs, many of these establishments did not have a technical staff, were inadequate locations, and often with poorly exposed and poorly stored products, and what intrigued me most of all, it was the fact that these places did not offered nothing different to the farmer, nothing that motivated the farmer to go to that place as a way of learning, relating, and interacting with the distributor, the partners and others farmers........More>>
Hybrids: The future of crop protection – the case of STK Regev as the first hybrid fungicide
As a leader in biopesticides innovation, STK (formerly Stockton) is pioneering a new generation of ‘hybrid’ products that combine the powers of biological agents and synthetic chemistries, and which may present a new era in pest control......More>>
2020 Record registration numbers confirmed the highly promising growth potential of the Brazilian biocontrol market
By Maria Luiza Castro
At the very end of 2020, MAPA′s Act No70 (12/23/20) has confirmed the highly promissing results for the biological control market for the next years with the final approval of the last 19 low toxicity products of the year, totaling 411 registered low toxicity  products due to government incentives, as in important tool to make the Brazilian agriculture much more sustainable......More>>
2020 Formulation & Adjuvant Technology
Market News
Brazilian soybean has technology to increase production without pressure for forest areas
Drones reduce cost of applying agrochemicals in sugar cane
Bans on GMO corn, glyphosate in Mexico would shrink food supplies, industry says
Company News
JCN Group begins to integrate baculoviruses into caterpillar management
Bioprotection: an innovative turn in seeds treatment with a growing market perspective
Brazil: PROMIP and partners launch MIP EXPERIENCE platform for IPM
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