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China Special Bi-weekly 20200219

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2021 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide Newly Published!
Rapid, strong rebound amidst COVID-19 pandemic: China's best year of pesticide exports in past decade

Pesticide exports in 2020 achieved double-digit growth, making it the best year in the past decade. In 2020, the export value of pesticides was US$11.68 billion, a year-on-year increase of 14.6%, recording an extra US$1.46 billion compared to 2019 when the export value first exceeded US$10 billion.

Overview of Chinese pesticide companies’ westward relocation: Chemical parks, main products

According to the newly announced projects by Chinese companies over the past two years, there are 17 hot products. Among them, Glufosinate has a far higher added production capacity, while Prothioconazole has the largest number of investors.

China Pesticide/Intermediate/Bio-based Products Suppliers Guide (106 companies included)

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China's Popular Paddy Fields Herbicide Series - Cyhalofop-butyl

Cyhalofop-butyl market  in  other  major  rice-growing  countries of Southeast Asia is also not as hot as in China. With  the  release  of  production  capacity  of  cyhalofop-butyl in  China, how  many  market opportunities exist in overseas’paddy fields market in the future?


Production of 2,4-D butylate for domestic use in China terminated from January 29, 2021

On January 28, 2021, the registration certificate PD20160077 for a 2,4-D butylate product, which is the last 2,4-D butylate product allowed for supply to Chinese domestic market, expired and is not renewed. This shows that China has terminated the 2,4-D butylate production for supply to domestic market from January 29, 2021

Company & Project

Gansu Binnong constructs 10,000-ton glufosinate project

In January 2021, the environmental impact assessment pertaining to the annual 22,000-ton pesticide and intermediate project of Gansu Binnong Technology Co., Ltd passed the expert review and was publicized on website for public comment.

Lier Chemical’s L-glufosinate and pinoxaden pilot plant environmentally accepted

Xingfa’s subsidiary implementing construction of continuous dealcoholization and hydrolysis upgrading for glyphosate production

Red Sun’s subsidiary planning bipyridine and diquat project


Baicao’s spinosad seizes cash crop market in China

Henan Baicao Biotech focuses on the R&D and production of biopesticides derived by fermentation. Since its establishment, Baicao has invested heavily in the R&D and production of spinosad and now owns practical technologies, such as engineering strains and production processes with independent intellectual property rights, which are pioneering in China.

Benziothiazolinone granted registration for control of potato black shank for the first time