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Latin America Focus


Issue 2#, Feb. 2021
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Fortune Group - Bestar: Main Producer of Imidacloprid, Acetamiprid and Thiamethoxam
What Did We Learn from the M&As of Agri-Inputs Industry in 2020?
How Agrochemical Titans Unlock the Potential of Digital Agriculture
2020 Overview of Globally Registered, Launched Pesticides and Analysis of Key Varieties
Biologicals Registered/Launched in 2020

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Christina Xie

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Nanotechnology in agriculture, why the use of this technology is lower when compared with other sectors?
Nanotechnology, in my opinion, is one of the most revolutionary technologies for the next years, but why do we still not have practical results in agriculture with the use of this technology as we have in Medicine, Industrial, and other segments? Nanotechnology is the Synthesis and processing of structures and devices with control at the molecular......More>>
Brazil develops world’s first smart sensor technology for citrus greening detection, control
Brazilian startup Adroit Robotics developed the first technology in the world to monitor 100% of citrus groves using smart sensors. The tool evaluates millions of fruits individually, analyzes the conditions of trees, estimates the level of harvest, and detects pests and diseases, especially greening......More>>
Biologicals crop protection in Brazilian agriculture
Within a crop protection market estimated at USD 12.4 billion, the bio-pesticide segment stood out for its high growth rates. According to information from Spark, the Brazilian market already represents more than USD 200 million, with an increase of approximately 34% in relation to the 2018/19 harvest. The cultivation of soybeans is the largest market for biologicals products comprising 59% of demand.......More>>
Tolfenpyrad, thiencarbazone-methyl and fenpyrazamine are new active ingredients registered in Brazil
Three new active ingredients were registered in the beginning of the year in Brazil. These are the insecticide/acaricide “tolfenpyrad”, the herbicide “thiencarbazone-methyl” and the fungicide “fenpyrazamine”......More>>
Market news
Innovation Development in the Brazilian Crop Protection Market
15 Latin American countries have significant development potential for the pesticide market
Pesticides to undergo immediate price adjustments in Brazil
Foliar fertilizers contribute to higher productivity, quality of coffee crops
Area treated with pesticides grows by 6.9% in Brazil
Brazilian farmers expected to increase winter wheat acreage
Market Access Dynamics for Brazilian Crop Protection Inputs
Brazil sets records for 2020/21 sugar production and exports
Company news
Grupo Vittia acquires JB Biotecnologia, expands shares in biological control market
Aegilops promotes Easy Flow technology in Brazilian seed treatment market
Agrofy and BASF Xarvio launch a unique application in Argentina that detects crop diseases
FMC launches new fungicide Onsuva in Argentina
ISCA utilizes semiochemicals, pheromones via drones to control European grapevine moth in Argentina
Nuseed officially opens its newest Innovation Center
CropX partners with rieggo Rotoplas to provide smart farming services in Mexico
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