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China Special Bi-weekly 20210402

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China Product Watch
About Chlorantraniliprole

Chlorantraniliprole is an insecticide compound developed by Dupont,which divested to FMC. It is the largest insecticide variety in the global market with registrations worldwide for crop applications for control of over 50 targeted objects.

Chlorantraniliprole has a strong permeability property and systemic feature, being used for leaf treatment, seed treatment and soil treatment, with a long lasting effect and rain fastness.

Chlorantraniliprole is highly effective with broad-spectrum, being based upon stomach toxicity, followed by contact toxicity. It is effective for the control of most chewing mouthparts pests, especially lepidoptera pests. It is also highly active against some coleoptera, diptera and isoptera pests.

In 2016, with a leading sale value of US$1.365 billion, the product further enhanced its leading position in the global insecticide market.

The main mixtures of chlorantraniliprole includes pymetrozine, thiamethoxam, lambda-cyhalothrin, abamectin, emamectin benzoate which brings more efficient control to pests.

China Registration

The patent of chlorantraniliprole in China is held by FMC, which will expire on August 13, 2022. At present, its application in China is concentrated in paddy rice, which provides a great development potential. Currently, according to China Pesticide Registration Watch, 31 product registrations with ICAMA remain valid, details as shown in the following figure.



Industry News

Data Analysis: Chinese manufacturers hold 11 product registrations out of 26 newly off-patent products

In the six years from 2016 to 2021, there are expirations of a total of 26 patented pesticide compounds in China, which cover 8 fungicides, 5 insecticides, 12 herbicides and 1 safener (Table 1). According to AgroPages' database China Pesticide Registration Watch, out of the 26 products, Chinese manufacturers hold 11 product registrations. Products with hot development and registration include penoxsulam, fluopicolide, spirotetramat , metamifop, topramezone, pinoxaden

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China Approves Restructuring of Sinochem and ChemChina

China gave approval for a restructuring of Sinochem Group and ChemChina Group, two companies that have been long the target of merger speculation.

Stepping into Southeast Asia, taking root in a gateway - Pilarquim’s market development in the Southeast Asian market

Xinnong Chemical to set up Vietnam office, actively expanding its Southeast Asian market of zinc thiazole

Origin Agritech and Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group sign collaboration agreement for the development of commercial GMO corn hybrids

XAG released Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2020 to share progress in advancing a food-secure future

Products & Projects

Novel Molecular Plant Growth Regulator: Coronatine (COR)

Coronatine signaling molecules are involved in many physiological processes of plant growth and development. It has broad application potential during low temperature seed germination, improving crop stress resistance and disease resistance, as well as increasing yield, promoting coloring, and increasing sugar content, defoliation and biological weeding.

Pengbo Biotechnology to launch Deyadeshi, adjuvant for antivirus formulations

Limin becomes first enterprise under FAO mancozeb standard

China's second L-glufosinate formulation granted registration, market release soon

Yongtai Technology’s 1,500-ton lambda-cyhalothric acid project enters trial production

Sino-Agri Union to raise funds for new project covering bifenthrin, pymetrozine, 2-Chloro-5-(chloromethyl) pyridine, acetamiprid

First registration of fludioxonil GR granted in China