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Latin America Focus


Issue 2#, April 2021
 Glyphosate News Updates
Recently, the price of glyphosate has continued to soar and remains in short supply, having aroused lively discussions among the industry. The price of glyphosate technical rose from Yuan 22,000 per ton in August 2020 to the present Yuan 36,500 per ton, which is an increase of 66% within 10 months. Here are latest analyses that you should not miss out.
Will glyphosate price continue to rise? - Dialogue with suppliers and buyers
Glyphosate price to stay at high level, no planned capacity expansion within Chinese manufacturers
Strategic cooperation launched between Xingfa Group and Syngenta China
Christina Xie
 Most Read
Will glyphosate price continue to rise? - Dialogue with suppliers and buyers
Recently, no small number of overseas customers of AgroPages has been asking what has happened to glyphosate and whether the price will continue to rise going forward. Concerning the glyphosate price rise and the short supply, we have had a round of communication respectively with domestic suppliers and overseas buyers.......More>>
UPL launches first mixture of Glufosinate and S-metolachlor herbicide in Brazil
UPL has launched herbicide Lifeline-Sync, the first mixture of Glufosinate and S-metolachlor in the Brazil market for use during the cultivation of soybeans, corn and cotton......More>>
How the impacts of initiatives such From Farm to Fork and Food Systems Summit Action Track 5 (AT5) can impact Brazilian Crop input dealers
I believe that many people from the Ministry of Agriculture, the Federal Government, Universities and trade associations are following these themes, but in a recent discussion where Andav, ARA and Australia class associations were present and I have the opportunity to attend, several points were raised and this discussion bring me to think and led me to make some questions such as....More>>
Costa Rica Rimac: Formulators with registration, production and distribution resources will become important strategic partners
?Recently, we invited Mr. Juan Carlos, the Board Director of Agroquimica Industrial Rimac, SA (Rimac), a local formulator and distribution company in Costa Rica, to conduct an interview. In this article he introduced the unique agricultural environment in the country, the business situation of Rimac, and also shared his views on current market trend........More>>
Zhejiang Zhongshan Chemical Industry Group to hire Argentina Representative
Zhejiang Zhongshan Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. is a major manufacturer of agrochemicals, with a world-leading production capacity of triazine herbicides. Zhongshan Chemical now admits applications of Argentina Representative from candidates who match the following requirements......More>>
Market news
CESB, CropLife Brasil in partnership, to focus on soybeans innovation
Fusarium TR4 fungus puts Ecuador on high alert
Peru bans agrochemicals with active ingredient ‘dicofol’
Company news
Agrivalle launches biological disease, pest management systems for bean cultivation
First inoculant analysis laboratory certified in Brazil
Brazil Embrapa: New seaweed-based bioinput improves plant growth and defense
Brazil authorizes modified Spodoptera frugiperda for biological pest control – Interview with Dr. Natalia Ferreira, Oxitec’s Brazil director
Brazil Embrapa unveils new biopesticide to control fall armyworm
Unprecedented program launched in Brazil to biological seed treatment
Ihara invests in two new R&D centers
UPL launches first mixture of Glufosinate and S-metolachlor herbicide in Brazil
Microgeo develops first biological additive for fertilizers in Brazil
Brazil approves environmentally ‘Friendly’ GM tool for controlling fall armyworm
Syngenta uses recycled resin packaging to store crop protection products
Brazil Embrapa discloses 2 new genomes of Phakopsora pachyrhizi, the cause of Asian rust
Scheffer adopts ‘regenerative agriculture system,’ builds own biopesticide factory in Brazil
Bioceres Crop Solutions announces transfer to Nasdaq Stock Market
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