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Latin America Focus


Issue 2#, May 2021
 Upcoming magazine: 2021 Latin America Focus
     Despite the continuing overall impact of COVID-19, we have seen the rise of some promising agricultural sectors in Latin America. In this year’s Latin America Focus issue, we will further explore these fast-growing areas.
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Articles from Gold Sponsors of past issues:

TAGROS | Ready for the Latam harvest
King Quenson: Focusing on a “Niche” Strategy and Delivering Brand Value through Partnership(I)
Ourofino Agrociência: Thought for Brazil
Christina Xie
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 Most Read
Brazil: New regulation for the control of Asian Rust published
The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa) has published Ordinance No. 306, which has revised and updated the procedures provided for in the National Program for the Control of Asian Soybean Rust (PNCFS)......More>>
Corteva Agriscience launches two fungicides using Onmira Active technology for soybeans
Corteva Agriscience is strengthening its portfolio for soybean culture with the launch of the fungicides, Viovan and Aproach Power, developed after more than 10 years of research......More>>
New Sipcam Nichino herbicide receives official registration in Brazil
Sipcam Nichino announced the launch of its new brand herbicide, Click, which received registration approval from official Brazilian agencies for commercialization........More>>
Brazil already produces leading startups in nanotechnology
The Brazilian startup NanoScoping operates in the development of nano technological inputs for the veterinary, agricultural, human and animal nutrition sectors, in addition to natural......More>>
Market news
Mexican judge rejects industry bid to halt GMO corn, glyphosate ban
Biological Institute recommends use of Coccinellidae to control vegetable pests
Brazil increases use of drip protection for application of biological products
Brazil: Sindiveg sees lack of agri-inputs and risk to supply in Brazil
Agricultural aviation grew 3.16% in Brazil, making it 2nd largest fleet in the world
Company news
UPL appoints new Brazil CEO
Invaio Sciences announces key agreement with Fundecitrus in Brazil to combat against Citrus Greening
Rhizobacterium-based bio-input launched to increase corn resistance to drought
IHARA expands investments in Brazilian agribusiness
SulGesso launches two crop nutrition product brands SulfmaiS and ImpactoS
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