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China Special Bi-weekly 20210625

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China Product Watch
About Boscalid

Boscalid is a pyridine amide compound, which is a SDHI fungicide discovered by BASF in 1992 and first registered in 2002. Boscalid acts by inhibiting succinate-CoQ reductase on the mitochondrial electron transport chain. Boscalid is for foliar application, which can penetrate vertically and transfer to the top of plant leaves. It has excellent preventive effects and certain therapeutic effects. It has excellent rain-fastness and lasting effect.

Boscalid is used to control powdery mildew, brown rot (Monilinia spp), leaf spot (Mycosphaerella spp) on grapes, lawns, fruit trees, vegetables and ornamental plants, as well as diseases caused by Alternaria spp, Botrytis cinerea (Botrytis spp), and Sclerotinia spp. It is also used in arable crops such as grains, grapes, peanuts and potatoes in mixture formulations.

Boscalid was launched by BASF in 2003, and achieved sales of 105 million US dollars in 2005. In 2018, the annual sales of boscalid reached US$365 million.

China Registration

On November 2012, the Chinese patent of boscalid in China was expired. As of June 2021, according to China Pesticide Registration Watch, there are 120 valid registrations of boscalid in ICAMA, with 25 TC registrations. The most popular formulator partners of boscalid includes pyraclostrobin, fludioxonil, procymidone, iprodione, pyrimethanil.See more registration details in the following picture.

Industry News
Policy & Regulation

Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs requests stage-by-stage phaseout of 10 highly toxic pesticides

On 11th June, the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs held a meeting with seven national administration departments.During the meeting, the ministry clearly stated that 10 highly toxic pesticides would be phased out stage-by-stage, especially those that are detected with higher levels of residue on vegetables, which will be among the first to be phased out.

Chinese pesticide manufacturers invest outside their native town: 73 enterprises investing in 85 projects, spending RMB 57.4 billion


China's 2020 top 20 pesticide exporters declared, Rainbow, Yangnong and Nutrichem ranking top three

On June 22, the Chemical Sub Council of China Council for Promotion of International Trade held its 9th CAC Awarding Ceremony at Shanghai New International Expo Center. Rainbow, Yangnong and Nutrichem ranked top three of China's top 2020 20 pesticide exporters.

Nitrochlorobenzene to be highly centralized after 2021, production stoppage of primary manufacturers results in price rise


KingAgroot’s Saidan: An effective control of rice field resistant barnyard grass, to perform more stably under high temperature

Saidan, released by KingAgroot to market in 2021, can effectively control various resistant barnyard grass. Its control is more stable under high temperature than a conventional product, which is more dependable. Saidan contains a new patented compound, Tripyrasulfone, which is a mixture of two compounds of different action mechanism, formulated in perfect proportion, being systemic and with contact toxicity.

Paecilomyces lilacinus first granted registration in China for application to citrus trees


Partnership launched between Wynca, Huapont and Nutrichem, Wynca seeks opportunity to become substantial shareholder of Nutrichem

Wynca announced the signing of a strategic partnership between Huapont Life Sciences, Wynca and Nutrichem, on June 9, where Wynca may, in due course, seek to become a substantial shareholder of Nutrichem which is affiliated with Huapont Life Sciences.

Lianhetech’s Jiangsu subsidiary plans merger with Yancheng subsidiary