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China Special Bi-weekly 20210709

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China Product Watch
2,4-D isooctyl ester
About 2,4-D isooctyl ester

2,4-D is a very old herbicide. It was discovered and synthesized by Amchem (now Syngenta) in 1942. Since 1946, it was developed and produced by many companies and started to be used. Currently, 2,4-D acid, 2,4-D butyl ester, 2,4-D isooctyl ester, 2,4-D dimethylamine salt and other products are active in the market. 2,4-D and its salts and esters are highly effective, systemic, highly selective herbicides and plant growth regulators; at low concentrations, they promote growth; at high concentrations, they exhibit growth inhibition and herbicide characteristics.

China Production and Supply

2,4-D isooctyl ester is synthesized by esterification of 2,4-D acid and isooctanol. Phenol, chloroacetic acid, and isooctanol, which are the synthetic raw materials of 2,4-D acid, are all basic chemical products. This fluctuations of basic chemical raw materials in this year have great impacts on the cost of technical raw materials. The price of isooctanol rose, thus causing the price of 2,4-D isooctyl ester eaching a historical high.

The main manufacturers of 2,4-D isooctyl ester include Shandong Keyuan, Rainbow, Jiangxi Tianyu (CAC Subsidiary), Huifeng, etc., with a cumulative design capacity of more than 40,000 tons, and an actual output of less than 15,000 tons.

In 2019, the export volume of 2,4-D isooctyl ester was 5,566 tons, and the export value was US$16,711,420. The main export countries include Russia, Belarus, and South Africa.

China Registration

China Registration As of July 2021, according to China Pesticide Registration Watch, there are 36 valid registrations of 2,4-D isooctyl ester in ICAMA, which are all single agent. The main formulation types of 2,4-D isooctyl ester are EC, TC, EW, and SE.

Industry News
Policy & Regulation

China’s ICAMA approves several export-only product registrations

In the most recent list of product registrations approved by ICAMA, there are ten export-only registrations comprising one technical registration and nine formulations, including four granted to Wynca and others granted to Rainbow, Shandong Agri Union, Huifeng and ADAMA. Currently, a total of 14 pesticides have been approved as export-only products.

China ICAMA approved 175 registrations in June, Indian Tagros granted 4th formulation registration in the year

Market & Industry

CAC2021 held in Shanghai, China: Keeping pace with the times, exhibition further extended

The 22nd China International Agrochemical and Crop Protection Exhibition (CAC2021) was successfully held in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre on 22nd June, 2021, with the 12th China International Fertilizer Show (FSHOW2021) and the 22nd China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Equipment Exhibition (CACE2021) being held concurrently.

Agricultural antibiotics hit 231,400 tons, with 229,200 tons sold in China last year

Product & Project

Corteva launches 7th spinetoram product in mainland China

Corteva’s Aiduole, spinetoram 25% WG, which is used to control the rice stem borer and rice leaf roller was launched in mainland China, on June 17, 2021.

Picoxystrobin granted registration for use in pseudo-ginseng first time in China

Limin Chemical files for launch of glufosinate technical and glufosinate AS project

Lier CropScience launch L-glufosinate product in China

China’s Inner Mongolia Xinnongji Technology Co., Ltd planning newbuild of annual 1,750- ton Nicosulfuron and 1,000-ton imazethapyr


ChemChina seeking $10 billion in Syngenta IPO, likely world's biggest float of 2021

According to Reuters, ChemChina is aiming to raise around $10 billion from a Shanghai IPO for Swiss agrichemical giant Syngenta Group, in what is set to be the world's largest flotation this year, sources with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters.

Innovation as priority and supporting pesticide intelligent manufacturing: Pilar to create global first-class R&D center

Corteva intensifies cooperation with leading Chinese agrochemical manufacturers, ensuring supply of raw materials, end products

Benary expands its Chinese Activities

Corteva plans to increase up to 7,000 STARPARTNER retailers in 2021