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2021 China Pesticide Exporting Workshop
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China Product Watch
About Pretilachlor

Pretilachlor was developed and marketed in 1979 by Ciba-Geigy (now Syngenta). Pretilachlor is a highly selective preemergence herbicide for paddy field. It is safe for rice and has a broad weed-killing spectrum. It is mainly used to control annual gramineous and broadleaf weeds.

Pretilachlor is a cell division inhibitor, it is absorbed by weed seeds during the germination process and can only be used for pre-germination soil treatment. Rice germination period is also sensitive to pretilachlor. In order to ensure the safety of early application, fenclorim is often added as a safer agent.

China Production and Supply

The main synthetic intermediates of pretilachlor include chloroether, DEA, and chloroacetyl chloride. The main Chinese manufacturers of pretilachlor include Hangzhou Nutrichem, Anhui Futian Agrochemical, Jiangsu LionChem. In February 2021, ethylene glycol monopropyl ether, the upstream raw material of chloroether, was out of stock, causing insufficient supply of chloroether, resulting in short production capacity of pretilachlor. After April, the prices of raw materials DEA and chloroether were lowered, the peak demand season ended, so the price of pretilachlor was lowered.

he export of pretilachlor technical has been increasing year by year since 2015. In 2017, it reached the highest export volume of 6,176 tons a year. From 2015 to 2019, China exported 22,728 tons of pretilachlor technicals, with an average export volume of 4,545 tons per year. From 2015 to 2019, the top three export destination countries were India (64.12%), Vietnam (17.18%), and Singapore (6.35%).

China Registration

As of July 2021, according to China Pesticide Registration Watch, there are 240 valid registrations of pretilachlor in ICAMA, with 18 TC registrations. The main mixture of pretilachlor are bensulfuron-methyl, oxyfluorfen, oxadiazon, penoxsulam. The main formulation type of nicosulfuron are EC, WP, EW, OF, GR .

Industry News

Biopesticide active ingredients get policy support for entrance into Chinese market

In recent years, new biopesticide varieties have emerged on the market. From 2017 to 2020, 72 new pesticide active ingredients were being registered in China, of which 31 were biopesticides, accounting for 43%. The proportion of biopesticide active ingredients has increased significantly in recent years.


Agri-input distributers, domestic and overseas biostimulant companies active in post-disaster soil remediation and agricultural reconstruction in Henan, China

Recently, storms swamped in many places around the world. While Germany, Belgium and France in Europe are still suffering from the floods, Henan Province in China, which is known as the “granary of China”, was raided by unprecedented heavy downpour, which caused floods and huge losses to agricultural production.


New driver to yield increase in agricultural production: Production and market analysis of BASF’s innovative herbicide trifludimoxazin

Pyroxasulfone is a novel broad-spectrum and high-activity herbicide used for soil treatment before seedling, as developed by Kumiai Chemical of Japan. The crops for application and objects of control of pyroxasulfone and trifludimoxazin are somewhat the same and overlap, covering corn, cotton, peanut, wheat and sunflower. The controlled objects include grassy weeds such as green bristle grass, crabgrass and barnyard grass as well as broad-leaved weeds such as amaranth, datura, solanum and abutilon. Research reveals a same or even better effect of control by use of 1/10 of the dosage of s-metolachlor and acetochlor.

China’s Changqing Agrochemical’s cyhalothrin technical to begin trial production in third quarter this year

Fengshan Group issued a notification for raising funds for several projects, covering quizalofop-p-ethyl and cyhalofop-butyl

Three broflanilide formulation products released in Chinese market by BASF, Rotam and Sino-Agri

CPRW: China holds three metconazole registrations and five prothioconazole registrations

Annual 43,000-ton pyridinium chloride, Haloxyfop-P projects of Shandong Luba’s subsidiary passes environmental acceptance

Hailir to launch its created fluchlordiniliprole formulation product in 2022


Rainbow Agro listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, moving towards forefront of industrial value chain

Rainbow Agro was officially listed on the GEM of Shenzhen Stock Exchange.Stock Abbreviation 'RAINBOW CHEMICAL'Stock Code '301035'.

BASF and SINOPEC to further expand their Verbund site in Nanjing, China

Xingfa Group's semi-annual net profit surges 7 times with price rise of its primary products such as glyphosate and organosilicon

Wynca allies with DFD Industries, Leshan XieXin to deploy new energy business

Beijing Leili: Working together to create a 3B new era, establish a balanced agricultural value community