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China Special Bi-weekly 20210820

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2021 China Pesticide Exporting Workshop
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China Product Watch
About Clothianidin

Clothianidin is the second-generation nicotinic insecticide, which is jointly developed by Bayer and Japan’s Takeda for the global market. It is a new insecticide with high efficiency, safety and high selectivity, with contact killing, stomach poisoning and systemic activity. It is mainly used to control Hemiptera, Coleoptera, Diptera and some Lepidoptera insecticides on rice, vegetables, fruit trees and other crops. It is a substitute to replace highly toxic organophosphorus pesticides.

Clothianidin was launched in 2002 and is of great importance in the corn market in the United States, the grain market in the United Kingdom, and the rice market in Japan and South Korea. According to Phillips, the global market sales of clothianidin in 2018 were US$430 million.

China Production and Supply

According to public information, the current design capacity of clothianidin technical in China is 3,700 tons/year, and an additional 8,000 tons/year will be added in the future. The main manufacturers are Flag Chemical, Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals Group, Veyong Bio-Chemical and so on.

The total annual domestic production of clothianidin is about 3,000 tons, of which, the export is equivalent to about 1,200-1,500 tons of the technical, and the domestic sales is about 1,000-1200 tons. In addition to the sharp increase of the technical price in 2017, the price of clothianidin is showing a steady decline, and it is currently at a relatively low point in the past five years.

China Registration

In 2008, Sumitomo firstly launched clothianidin (95% clothianidin technical, 50% clothianidin water dispersible granules) in the Chinese market. In 2009, the Chinese patent of clothianidin expired, but due to the high environmental risk to bees, the domestic registration of clothianidin did not become popular.

As of Aug 2021, according to China Pesticide Registration Watch, there are 169 valid registrations of clothianidin in ICAMA, with 11 TC registrations. The main mixture of pretilachlor are bifenthrin, lambda-cyhalothrin, pymetrozine, cyfluthrin, monosultap. The main formulation type of nicosulfuron are GR, SC, WG, FS, FSC.

Industry News
Policy & Regulation

Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issues five supportive measures for biogenic pesticides development and application

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China posted a message on July 28, 2021, concerning the release of a series of policies to support biogenic pesticide promotion and application, as well as encourage research and innovation activities of manufacturers.

Market & Industry

The prices of glyphosate and glufosinate continue to be high, L-glufosinate meet new market opportunity in China

Due to the price rises of glyphosate and glufosinate, L-glufosinate, released just a year ago, quickly seized part of the glyphosate and glufosinate market, attracting widespread attention within the industry. Will L-glufosinate become the next leading product and will it be unsustainable ? How long can China sustain burndown herbicides?

Chlorothalonil price down to historic low level, still space for growth in market

Product & Project

Metamifop+Cyhalofop-butyl expected to become a star product in paddy rice of herbicide market

Field trials on Metamifop + Cyhalofop-butyl, a product of the Jiangsu Fuding Chemical, have been on the market for a year, and with farmers showing faith in the product, sales are expected to double in the next rice season.

Beijing Multigrass’ extended release Spinosad tablet granted patent in China

FirstWinner promotes Glyphosate performance in decreasing application rates, cost, increasing effectiveness

China Registration Watch | China's first chemical pesticide against Spodoptera frugiperda to be granted registration

Rotam launches Broflanilide-based product Ailikeduo in China’s southern province

Suli’s azoxystrobin technical receives FAO international standard certification

Jiangsu Changlong planning tebuthiuron flufenacet amicarbazone and other technical and intermediate production facilities


Longyou East Anasac: Implementation of highest standards to supply high quality formulations to global customers

Based on  mergers, restructuring, adjustment of product structure and capacity expansion over recent years, the company’s market share has increased year-by-year. While striving to expand its international and domestic markets, Longyou East Anasac has invested heavily in independent research and innovation, making remarkable achievements and building up a unique technical advantage

Jiangshan to become world’s second-largest glyphosate supplier after acquisition of Fuhua Tongda

Hailir donates agricultural materials to help rebuild storm-affected areas in China

Nutrichem sells 20% stakes in Shijie Agrochemical at RMB 137.5 million