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About Picoxystrobin

Picoxystrobin is a strobilurin fungicide, a highly active ingredient developed by Syngenta. Picoxystrobin is an extra-quinone inhibitor that inhibits the respiration of mitochondria by preventing electron transfer at the cytochrome bc1 Qo site. It is mainly used to prevent and control foliar diseases of wheat, such as wheat rust, and other crops include soybean, corn and rape.

In 2006, Syngenta sold the global product rights of picoxystrobin to DuPont (now Corteva). After taking over picoxystrobin, DuPont has made picoxystrobin the second largest product after its chlorantraniliprole (now FMC’s) through a series of new global registrations and the development of mixture products. Due to its extensive use in soybean crops in Brazil and other places, Latin America has become the largest regional market for picoxystrobin. In 2015, the sales of picoxystrobin in Latin America were US$135 million. In 2016, the global sales of picoxystrobin reached US$ 320 million, making it one of the top 15 fungicides in the world.

China Registration

Both the European and American patents for picoxystrobin expired in 2008. The new pesticide protection period of picoxystrobin in China expired in June 2018, and the official registration protection period of its technical expired in November 2018. Up to now, excluding DuPont, including Inner Mongolia Join Dream Fine Chemicals, Rainbow, Xiangshui Zhongshan, etc., 10 domestic companies have obtained picoxystrobin 97% technical registration.

Dupont hold the most market of picoxystrobin, and due to factors such as registration costs and time, China’s manufacturers are very cautious when choosing new registration certificates, resulting in too few domestic registrations and restricting its China market.

China Production & Export

At present, only Inner Mongolia Join Dream Fine Chemicals is the only manufacturer that actually produces the picoxystrobin technical in China. As the domestic patent of picoxystrobin expired not long ago, and its EU renewed registration was not granted, China’s manufacturers still hold a wait-and-see attitude towards the development and export of this product. The export of picoxystrobin technical in 2018/19 has not formed scale.

Industry News
Regulation & Policy

Prothioconazole included in China’s import, export pesticide catalogue, benefiting legitimate prothioconazole registration owners in China

Previously, prothioconazole technical produced in China was exported as a chemical product, with an export tax rebate of 13%. Today, the export tax rebate for the product exported as a pesticide is reduced to 9%, which is a disadvantage for companies that exported the product as a chemical, as this will reduce export profitability. However, after prothioconazole is classified as a pesticide, its exportation will be better regulated, which is a real advantage for legitimate prothioconazole registration owners in China.

Market & Industry

Hurricane Ida affects electricity supply of Monsanto’s American factory, what glyphosate market outlook and price trend are expected?

The price of glyphosate in Chinese market rose moderately to RMB23,000 since the 2020 Chinese Spring Festival, which was later stabilized, until August 2020, when price rose again after the flood disaster in Leshan, Sichuan, China. Thereafter, following the reemergence of Covid-19 in Hebei in November 2020 and the snow disaster in the United States in February 2021, the price rose again all the way, up to the present price of RMB52,000, having stayed at this level for four to five weeks. Today, overseas buyers have expressed worries about the future of glyphosate.

MAP modern agriculture platform online services 7% of national arable land area

Product & Project

Rainbow to launch annual 9,000-ton Captan project,becoming the world’s largest trichloromethylthio fungicide manufacturer

Rainbow’s subsidiary, Ningxia Gerui Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., published its environmental impact assessment pertaining to an annual 9,000-ton Captan project. The publication revealed the project is located in the Pingluo Industrial Park, Ningxia, China, with a total investment of Yuan150 million. After its completion and together with its existing 3,000-ton captan production plant, the company’s total Captan capacity will reach an annual 12,000 tons, therefore, becoming the world’s largest trichloromethylthio fungicide manufacturer.

Jiangsu Fuding Chemical’s herbicide penoxsulam technical granted EU technical equivalence

Oro Agri’s Limonene-D granted extended application registration in China, exclusive distributor Jintai Biotechnology lead the industry sector

Shandong Luba’s subsidiary to build annual 4,000-ton diquat technical facility


Syngenta Group China VP: Accelerate building of system to safeguard agriculture

Drawing on the experiences of building national reserve mechanisms for crude oil, cotton and grain, and learning from the international practices on agricultural emergency security systems, it should be a normal, intensive, systematic and digitalized "national agricultural security" system, said Feng Mingwei, vice-president of Syngenta Group China.

Wynca takes control of 12.31% stakes in Nutrichem valued at RMB800 million,become its second largest shareholder

Flagchem’s wholly-owned subsidiary to launch dinotefuran and florasulam project

Court rules in FMC Corporation’s favor in patent infringement case against Shandong Weifang Rainbow Chemical Co. Ltd.