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China Special Bi-weekly 20211029

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China Product Watch
About Flumorph

Flumorph was the first fungicide in China created and developed by the Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry Test Co., LTD. (SYRICIT) in 1994. Flumorph is the first created active ingredient in China to obtain the US and European patents, the first to obtain the ISO generic name, and the first to be registered and sold abroad.

Flumorph is a fluorine-containing fungicide obtained by introducing fluorine atoms on the basis of natural product cinnamic acid and biomimetic fungicide dimethomorph. Its mode of action is to inhibit the formation of oomycete cell walls. Due to the unique properties of fluorine atoms, the fungicidal effect of flumorph is doubled.

Flumorph not only has a good protective effect, but also with a good therapeutic effect. It is mainly used to prevent and treat diseases caused by Oomycetes, such as downy mildew, late blight, and downy blight.

China Registration

The patentee of the product is SYRICIT, which has obtained patents in Europe, the United States, Germany, Spain, etc. At present, flumorph and its mixture products are sold by 4 companies with a total of 15 registered products, including Shenyang Sciencreat Chemicals, Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals Group, Yinnong Technology, and Jiangxi Haikuolisi Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.

As of October 2021, as per China Pesticide Registration Watch, there is 1 techincal in the registered products, and the rest are WP, SC, WG. Main mixtures of flumorph including fosetyl-aluminium, mancozeb, and pyraoxystrobin

China Production

At present, the main market for thifluzamide in China is on crops like rice, peanuts and potatoes. In the future, the main application market of thifluzamide will be in the seed treatment agent market. The production capacity of China is mainly concentrated in Hebei Sanlen Agrochemical, Yingde Greatchem Chemicals, and Zhejiang Bosst CropScience, etc.

Industry News

ICAMA export data analysis: China's pesticide exports accounted for 74% of annual output in 2020; Herbicides pulls up overall pesticide prices in 2021

From January to August 2021, China's pesticide exports have reached 941,000 tons, accounting for 76% of production. Overall, the export volume increased by 1.15% in this period, but the value increased by 70%, which means that the value of pesticides soared this year. The price increase of bulk products represented by glyphosate has a great impact on the entire pesticide price index. Survey found that the increase of insecticide was not so high, the average increase is mainly pulling up by that of herbicides, and other varieties were relatively stable.

Deputy Director of ICAMA: China’s agrochemical industry is courageous and responsible to fulfill the obligations to the world economy and agriculture

Analysis of upstream and downstream industries of fluorinated pesticides and intermediates in China

L-glufosinate synthesis process and key intermediates

Policy & Regulation

Strict energy consumption regulation to be implemented in more than 60 cities in China

High-energy consumption and highly polluting industries must be strictly controlled. In the northern region, clean heating services will be promoted in an orderly manner; bulk cargo transportation will be shifted from road to rail; the steel industry, diesel trucking, boiler furnaces, volatile organic matter (VOCs), straw burning and dust emissions will be managed and controlled strictly; the performance of manufacturers will be evaluated and managed according to level of production and categorization, and coordinated control measures will be taken between regions to combat severe air pollution.

Market & Industry

Price of yellow phosphorus stopped falling and rebounded, market changes intensified

Yellow phosphorus price has started to rise again after a sharp decline. Today, the transaction price of yellow phosphorus price ranges between RMB 40,000-43,000, net ex-works, which is a 12% rise over RMB 37,000 in the previous report. According to the information obtained by AgroPages, the main reason for this round of price rise lies on the cold weather of the winter time, whereas coal stocks held in power plants are less than 3 days while Guizhou’s coal productions are required to be supplied to power plant as a priority to ensure power plants to hold stocks for more than 7 days. So, power supply to yellow phosphorus production is restricted, production is running at low load, bearing in mind that production of 1 ton of yellow phosphorus needs 15,000 kWh of electricity.

From January to August 2021, pesticide technical production growth rate in China’s Jiangsu Province was 11.3% lower than rest of country

Yellow phosphorus price going down; glyphosate price still on the rise

Product & Project

JiuYi Agriculture’s tembotrione granted EU technical equivalence

On October 14, 2021, tembotrione technical of Anhui JiuYi Agriculture Co., Ltd was granted technical equivalence in the EU. As the EU is world’s strictest region of pesticide administration, the grant of technical equivalence to tembotrione technical in the EU is an important milestone in the process of product development of JiuYi Agriculture.

Azoxystrobin 20% + Flutriafol 20% SC granted registration in Nigaragua, will drive market development in Latin America

Shandong Binnon begins construction of glufosinate and intermediate project in Lanzhou


Building Chinese National Crop Protection Brand – 60th anniversary of Pilarquim celebrated in Jiangsu, China

In Jiangsu, China, October 20th, 2021, the 60th anniversary celebration ceremony of Pilarquim was held, participated by leaders and experts of Jiangsu Pesticide Station, Shanghai Fertilizer and Pesticide Industry Association, National Agrotechnology Extension and Service Center, China Agricultural University, Institute of Plant Protection of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences as well as excellent suppliers, distributors and partners of Pilarquim.

Mitigation of tight supply expected with upcoming partial operation of Runhe’s 35kt/a silicone project by the end of the year

Shanghai Stock Exchange resumes premarket review of Syngenta’s IPO