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Latin America Focus


Issue 1#, Nov. 2021
 2022 Editorial Calendar just released
  Time to make your promotion plan for 2022
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The 2022 Editorial Calendar of AgroPages Magazine was just released. In this Calendar, there are some preset topics in each magazine for you to consider your choices with more sense of immersion. AgroPages will always spare no effort to help your brand discover its full potential....... Know more details
Christina Xie
 Most Read
Suli obtains registration of Diflubenzuron Tech in Brazil
Chinese agrochemical company Suli's insecticide Diflubenzuron SMILYN TECNICO (980 g/kg) was recently approved for registration in Brazil. This is another significant achievement on Suli’s Diflubenzuron product followed by the recognition of the joint standard by FAO/WHO, which experts from the two organizations reviewed in July 2020.....More>>
Transgenic wheat flour from Argentina got world first approval in Brazil
The CTNBio (National Biosafety Technical Commission) approved last Thursday (11/11), the use of transgenic wheat flour in Brazil, based on a request made by the Argentine company Bioceres. Bioceres is the manufacturer of HB4 wheat – which arrives in Brazil via TMG (Tropical Melhoramento Genetico).....More>>
Pinduoduo Smart Agri Competition demonstrates how AI can transform traditional farming
A precision agriculture startup has tag-teamed with expert growers to help strawberry farmers in China to increase their productivity. Zhiduomei, which employs edge computing, advanced sensors and computer algorithms to optimize planting conditions, teamed up with Yanjiutian, an all-women strawberry cultivation company....More>>
AGC Wakasa Chemicals to Increase CDMO Production Capacity at its Kaminaka Plant in Fukui Prefecture
AGC has decided to expand the production lines at the Kaminaka Plant (in Mikata Kaminaka-gun, Fukui Prefecture) of AGC Wakasa Chemicals (Headquarters: Obama City, Fukui Prefecture), a subsidiary of AGC that conducts CDMO* for synthetic agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals......More>>
Roquette: Moving towards more natural soil nutrients with plant-based soluble fertilizers
Roquette, a global leader in the development and manufacture of plant-based ingredients, has developed a range of solutions for plant nutrition and protection.....More>>
Market news
Fusarium TR4 Threatening Banana Industry in LatAm
Dalbulus maidis doubles spending on insecticides of corn
Input crisis in China threatens 2022-23 crop in Brazil
Brazilians face difficulties in replacing paraquat
Brazil may improve exportation of agrochemicals: Sindiveg
Agro will certainly have its Big AgTechs, and nano sensors promise to integrate their umbrella
Agri-input prices more than double in 2021
Uruguay restricts the use of paraquat dichloride
Asian soybean rust identified in Paraguay and worries farmers
Brazil plans to recycle 54,000 tons of agrochemical packaging
Biological products grow 37% to BRL 1.7 billion in Brazil
Artificial intelligence accelerates search for markers of resistance to sugarcane yellow leaf disease
Company news
'Bio-solutions market will grow to US$10 billion in 2025,' says UPL
South African company arrives in Argentina and promises ‘green’ biopesticides
Rizoderma launched in Argentina
Ascenza launches herbicide Mesopec in Brazil
Suli obtém registro do Diflubenzuron Tech no Brasil
Bioceres Crop Solutions HB4® Wheat approved in Brazil
MustGrow reports successful banana field trials in Colombia
Rizobacter to build a new factory in southern Brazil
World-class laboratories and research fields to the service of Mexico and the world
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