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Latin America Focus


Issue 2#, Nov. 2021
 Annual Review 2021 (February 2022)
Dear readers,

AgroPages' business magazine – Annual Review 2021 (English & Chinese editions) will be published next February.

There will be three features in this issue, which will offer a perfect chance for business-related companies to participate. These features include Soil health; Fungicide and Gene-editing crops.

Besides sufficient content, this magazine will also be a good platform for any company to do brand promotion and product & technology showcase. Join us immediately, enjoy long brand exposure from now on.

Christina Xie

2021 Latin America Focus
 Most Read
Leili, Together Creating Value for Partners and Farms
Leili, as one of the world’s leading producers of biostimulants, has been serving the Latin American regions for more than 20 years. Their solutions have proved especially effective on avocado, banana, blueberry, mango, pineapple, potato, rice, corn, animal feed pastures, etc. In each country, Leili has focused on strategy together with local partners and Leili local teams.....More>>
Biotechnology is the path to sustainable agriculture, China and Brazil to strengthen cooperation in biotechnology
Biotechnology is the essential tool for sustainable agriculture, as it allows for the expansion of production without a proportional increase in the use of resources. This was the consensus reached by Brazilian and Chinese representatives at the 1st Brazil-China Forum on Biotechnology, Agriculture and Sustainability, organized by the Brazil-China Business Council (CEBC) and sponsored by Bayer......More>>
Brazil Registration Watch: MAPA approves halauxifen-methyl and three new biopesticides
Act No. 47 of the Department of Plant Protection and Agricultural Inputs of the Agricultural Defense Secretariat, published on 17th November in the Official Gazette, now covers 47 registered formulated pesticides, defined as products that are effectively available for use by farmers. Of these, 12 are considered low-impact or bio-based......More>>
FarmHannong has established legal entity in Brazil … aiming at South America market
FarmHannong, an agrochemical subsidiary company of LG Chem, announced its establishment of legal entity in Brazil. Now, FarmHannong has 5 legal entities including USA, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brazil......More>>
Fusarium TR4 Threatening Banana Industry in Latin America
A fungus that has wreaked havoc on banana plantations in the Eastern Hemisphere has, despite years of preventative efforts, arrived in the Americas.In August 2019, ICA, the Colombian agriculture and livestock authority, confirmed that laboratory tests have positively identified the presence of so-called Panama disease Tropical Race 4.....More>>
Market news
CropLife Latin America: Impact on availability of agrochemicals worldwide
Brazil and China seek “synchrony” in plant biotechnology
Sindiveg, Senar partner to offer free training on pesticide use in Brazil
Brasil e China defendem maior cooperação em biotecnologia
Brazil Embrapa publishes technical recommendations on the production of bio-inputs on farm
Mexico approves Vestaron’s biopesticide SPEAR-Lep to protect crops
Number of startups in Brazilian agro sector rises in full pandemic
Fearca and INTA signed cooperation agreement in Argentina
Russia's guaranteed fertilizer supply ensures security for new crops in Brazil
BB Seguros, Agrogalaxy sign partnership for sale of rural insurance
Company news
ADAMA began producing new fungicide Armero in Brazil
FMC’s new fungicide Onsuva to be launched in Paraguay
Albaugh opens 2 factories to increase pesticide production in Brazil
DigiFarmz – The ultimate digital tool to help agronomists control plant diseases
Agrivalle positions Profix for sugarcane market
Transgenic wheat flour from Argentina got world first approval in Brazil
Argentine company launches microbial consortium for biocontrol of diseases
Unipac receives two more sustainability awards
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